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Eliminating fat by freezing it

A slimmer contour within a few weeks.

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Our centers are the only ones in the Netherlands to offer Dualsculpting CoolAdvantage. This new version treats both sides at once.

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The Coolsculpting procedure is suitable for both men and women, though we tend to store fat on different parts of the body.

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Coolsculpting is the ideal quick method for anyone wanting to get rid of unsightly body fat quickly and safely. Fat cells are stubborn, and tend to remain stuck in place despite intensive sports or diets. Under the supervision of a medical doctor, the Coolsculpting Centers' team has successfully carried out more than 5500 treatments.

Quicker results can be achieved at Coolsculpting Centers thanks to the use of Dualsculpting; two applicators to tackle both sides of your body at the same time. The treatment is based on Cryolipolysis, whereby fat cells are destroyed by being exposed to cold (i.e. they are frozen). No operation is required therefore, and no anaesthetic, but simply a pain-free and scientifically proven treatment method.

The Coolsculpting Centers an be found in Amsterdam, ’t Gooi, The Hague, Vught and most recently in Rotterdam. All the equipment used has been approved by the strict US Food and Drug Administration. Contact us for a free consultation or call us directly on +31 (0)20 237 3100.


Coolsculpting works twice as fast

Coolsculpting uses cold technology. Controlled freezing crystallises fat cells. Fat cells are much more sensitive to cold than other body tissue, and begin to crystallise at 4 degrees Celsius. The treatment takes 35 minutes. In the weeks following the treatment, the frozen fat cells decompose and your body naturally disposes of them (via the kidneys, urine). Up to 25 to 35% of the treated fat cells will be lost.

The treatment is extremely effective, as it focuses on those areas where fat deposits are unsightly or annoying. All Coolsculpting Centers have two CoolAdvantage machines available. This allows us to tackle two areas at the same time, such as love handles, thighs, arms or both sides of the abdomen. There is a special CoolMini applicator for a double chin.


Is it suitable for everyone?

There are many similarities in the way men and women store fat. There are also differences, such as the treatment of fat cells around the man boobs. Everyone can have tummy bulges and saddlebags, as well as a double chin. We all differ in what really bothers us personally however. Our team therefore takes time to look at your personal targets and to also assess your medical background.

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What will be the end result?

Research and our own experience (after than 5500 treatments) clearly shows what can be expected, Yet every body reacts differently. During an intake consultation, we can give you a good idea of the results you can expect. We also have plenty of photo examples of treatments – the before and after situations – achieved in practice. Links to the various scientific studies can be found here. www.coolsculping.com also provides a great deal of relevant information.



A 20-minute intake consultation, with no further obligation, will offer you more certainty about the best treatment for you. Coolsculpting Centers will be pleased to draw up a treatment plan and a clear quote. You decide whether and when you would like to start treatment.

The treatment (cycle) only takes 35 minutes. Directly after the treatment, your body begins to break down the fat cells and eliminate and dispose of the fat. While this is a gradual process, you'll soon notice the lack of centimetres in the mirror:
- the initial results are visible after 3 weeks
- the end results are achieved after 12 weeks

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Will Coolsculpting work for you? Call us directly: +31 (0)20 237 3100. Or send us the application form, and we'll contact you.

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Scientifically proven

Scientific studies have shown Coolsculpting equipment to be a safe and effective method of removing fat cells by means of selective cooling. FDA approval has been granted on the basis of this scientific evidence. Links to the various scientific studies can be found here. www.coolsculping.com also provides a great deal of relevant information.


* Proud of Diamond status

As of 1 January 2017, Coolsculpting Centers has the highest possible status for treatment with Coolsculpting. A great reward and fantastic performance after plenty of hard work and many successful results. On 26 January, the CEO of the Zeltiq medical company officially awarded this status to Coolsculpting Centers.